A multicolor font for the web

The first chromatic font for the web

Bixa was originally designed as wood type for letterpress, and is now transformed into a multicolor font for web: Bixa Color.

Bixa Color comes in 12 different layers; in any color you like and in any combination you prefer. It jumps from analog to digital and from black and white to multicolor. It works without plug-ins, hacks or black magic. You use just one font file, and it will automatically work in modern software and browsers.

Try it yourself. Type here.

Aw shucks!

Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support this format yet, so you will see Bixa Color in plain old black. Scroll down to read about when support is coming to your browser.

Multicolor is the new black and white

Download Bixa Color

This free version of Bixa Color is available as OTF and WOFF in the colors you choose, and is free for use in non-commercial projects. Looking for a different format, a license for your commercial project, or a custom version composed of the many other layers in the Bixa family? See here!

Pick your colors:
Bringing color to OpenType

A word on support

Bixa Color in single color in a browser that doesn't support SVG-in-OpenType
A color font without browser support
Bixa Color in full color on a browser that supports SVG-in-OpenType
A color font with browser support

Bixa Color is a normal OpenType font. In 2015, OpenType added a new standard that makes color glyphs possible. This is what Bixa Color uses. Make no mistake: it's bleeding edge technology. Browser vendors are still busy implementing this new standard, and Firefox is the first browser in the wild to actually support it. Other browsers simply get normal, singlecolor glyphs.

In other words: Bixa Color won't work everywhere just yet. But for those early adopters that want to experiment with the color font technology of tomorrow, Bixa Color is ready for you!

Read more about the technical details.

Buy Bixa

The free download of Bixa Color is just one of over 200 layer combinations. The full Bixa family comes in a plethora of combinations, and is available as customized SVG-in-OpenType color font, or as normal singlecolor fonts so you can stack them yourself.

Buy Bixa Color

Chromatic wood type for the web


Do I need a separate font for every color?No, you get one single font file which has all the color glyphs in it, along with your trusty old normal glyphs.

Do I need to include any special CSS or JavaScript for this to work?None at all. This works just like any other webfont. Simply load the font with a regular old @font-face rule. All the magic is included in the font.

Do I need to create layers in my content and stack them on top of eachother?Nope. Just write and publish your text like you're used to. The layers and stacking is all taken care of by the font itself.

Aren't these file super huge?Well, that depends on your definition of super huge. In the case of Bixa Color, the color glyphs will add about 30kB to the regular font file.

What happens in browsers that don't support color fonts?They get the normal, super well supported singlecolor glyphs that are also contained in the font.


More tech questions? Hit up @PixelAmbacht on Twitter or read up on the technical back story.

Get in touch with the type designer and stay up to date with chromatic fonts by following Novo Typo on Twitter or Facebook, or visit the site to read the Bixa/Typewood story.